Ajinomoto benefits and side effects

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Ajinomoto and its side effects We also know Ajinomoto by its trade name Monosodium glutamate. We also know it in short by the name MSG. The head office of Ajinomoto’s company is located in Ch, Tokyo. It works in 26 countries.

Its annual revenue in the 2013 fiscal year is around US$12 billion. It is mostly used in Chinese food to enhance the taste of food. Earlier we used to eat mostly homemade food, but now people have started liking more food like chips, pizza, and Maggi in which Ajinomoto is used.

Ajinomoto benefits and side effects

It is used in many canned fast food soy sauce, tomato sauce, and all preserved food products such as preserved fish.
(Ajinomoto Benefits and side effects in English)

(What is Ajinomoto’s history)

Ajinomoto was first discovered in 1909 by Japanese biochemist Kikunae Ikeda. He recognized its taste as Mami which means pleasant taste. It is used in many Japanese soups. Its taste is like a little salt. It looks like a bright small crystal. Amino acids are found naturally in them.

(Ajinomoto uses)

*Ajinomoto came commercially as a brand in 1908, but today it is used by every cook in the world to enhance the taste of food.
*The use of MSG is considered safe, but there is also some misconception about it, which has not yet been scientifically proven, it is used in seasoning vegetables.
*It is mainly used in Chinese cuisine. People use it if they want to make any normal or Chinese food tasty. Read the recipe for making Chinese Bhel here.
*It is used in many types of food dishes like Chinese food like noodles, soup, etc.

(Ajinomoto benefit)

Glutamate is found naturally in some foods, such as tomatoes, sea fish, cheese, and mushrooms, it is found in abundance, due to which it is not used separately and is not harmful. Therefore, if a person is healthy and he has no problem with eating it, then he will not have any problem consuming it. You. s. The Food and Drug Administration has recognized the consumption of MSG as generally safe.

(Ajinomoto side effects)

MSG was earlier used in the kitchens of China, but now it has slowly made its way into the kitchens of our homes as well. To save our time, which we consume by preparing noodles in 2 minutes, it is mostly found in such foods which slowly harm our body.

*It is kind of addictive, once you have consumed the food containing Ajinomoto, then you will start wanting to eat that food regularly.
*Its consumption increases the amount of insulin in the body. When you consume substances containing MSG, the level of glutamate in the blood increases. Because of this, it has a serious effect on the body.
*MSG can also be called a slow killer. It damages the retina of the eyes and can cause symptoms of diseases like thyroid and cancer.

(Ajinomoto harmful effects)
Where the use of Ajinomoto is considered safe, eating it also has some harmful effects such as –

Sterility –
Pregnant women should not consume it, as it can hinder the food supply between the woman and the child. Along with this, it also has a bad effect on the neurons of the brain, it increases the amount of sodium in the body, due to which the risk of increasing blood pressure increases. Along with this, there is also the problem of swelling in the feet.

Migraine –
If foods containing Ajinomoto are consumed regularly, then it can cause migraine, which we also call aphapi. In this disease, there is a slight pain in half the head.

Chest pain –
Consumption of Ajinomoto can cause sudden chest pain, increased heartbeat, and twitching of the heart muscles.

Effect on a nerve –
MSG can induce an imbalance in the nerve, due to which tingling starts in the body along with stiffness or strain in the neck. Its consumption causes symptoms like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis. Ajinomoto is a neurotransmitter that can also cause symptoms of disorders such as sleeplessness.

Obesity –
There is always a risk of increasing obesity due to excessive consumption of MSG, the leptin hormone present in our body gives us a signal to our brain to stop overeating food. It can be affected by the consumption of Ajinomoto, due to which we can become obese soon after eating more.

Harmful to children:

Foods containing MSG i.e. Ajinomoto should not be given to children at all. The effect of Ajinomoto is different for each person. Excess consumption of anything harms us instead of benefiting us. Excessive or continuous use of Ajinomoto can harm a very sensitive person. Therefore, whenever you consume it, if you see the symptoms mentioned above, stop consuming it and consult Dr.

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