Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers

Interesting facts about avengers Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers

Iron Man is a smart and genius man. He makes very dangerous weapons. He is the owner of a company called Stark Industries.
One day, some terrorists attack him and kidnap him.He sees there are so many weapons of Stark Industries.They say, “Make a weapon that can destroy a whole America.”He agrees to them.They don’t know how to make a powerful weapon to destroy a whole country, so what do they give him?He makes an armor and kills them all. Here are some Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers,

Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers
In 2012, a villain called Loki comes from Asgard. Other superheroes named Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, and Black Widow form a team called the Avengers. After a long fight, Iron Man destroys Loki’s army with a nuclear missile.
After every fight, he upgrades his suit, and he has two AIs called Jarvis and Friday.
In 2015, Mr. Bruce Banner and Tony Stark want to make an AI called Ultron for peace, but their work doesn’t succeed, and he wants to destroy humans.

Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers

Ultron makes a body for himself and also makes a vibranium body. He creates his army and fits a mind stone on the top of the body, which is so powerful that it fits in Loki’s special stick.
Ultron uploads his body, but Captain America distracts him. Hawkeye and Black Widow steal the body. Tony and Bruce want to activate it, but the rest of the Avengers don’t agree. So, they fight in Stark Mansion. However, they give it an electric shock and activate the robot called Vision.

Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers
After a deadliest war, they win.
In 2016, there is a war called Civil War among the Avengers, and the main person is Bucky, who is the old friend of Captain America.
The Avengers team is divided into two teams.

Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers Interesting Facts About Legend Avengers
In 2018, there is a villain called Thanos. In a flashback, we see that Thanos knows the weakness of a single Avenger.
Thanos wants to destroy half the people of the universe. After the entry of Thor, he has a new weapon called Stormbreaker. Thor is angry because Thanos killed Thor’s brother, Loki.
Thor throws his weapon into Thanos’s chest, but Thanos is successful in his mission and teleports to his planet. In this war, Thanos loses everything. After searching his planet, they find him, and Thor kills Thanos. However, they don’t find the Infinity Stones because Thanos destroyed the stones.

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